Athlete of the Month: Dana

Our August Athlete of the Month is the one and only Dana C!

She wouldn’t brag about herself in a million years, so we’re here to do it for her.

She’s been working her butt off, challenging her limits, coming to class with a great attitude, listening to coaches, communicating her needs well, helping build others up and building community within the gym!

Crossfit River Prairie Eau Claire WI Altoona WIWe asked Dana a few questions as athlete of the month, here’s what she had to say:

When did you first start CrossFit? 
Nov. 2016

What were you doing for exercise before CrossFit? 
Cardio and weightlifting at normal gyms

What is your favorite CrossFit movement? 
Front and back squat

What are your goals by the end of the year? 
To lose body fat and to be able to back squat 400 pounds

What motivates you to keep coming to the gym week after week? 
My family and my competitive spirit!

What are 1 or 2 accomplishments when it comes to your health and fitness that you’ve experienced since starting at CrossFit River Prairie? 
I can do a few double-unders, stand up on a rope and wall walk.

What’s your favorite color? 

What is your least favorite exercise? 
Man makers

What would your advice be to someone just starting out CrossFit or that’s thinking about starting? 
Don’t be afraid of anything! Anyone can do this to their own abilities!

What’s your favorite local restaurant?
Houligans Steak and Seafood Pub

Congrats Dana! If you see her around the gym be sure to give her the biggest of high fives!

PS- She may or may not enjoy the occasional oreo

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