Gym Etiquette at CrossFit River Prairie

Whether you are brand new to CrossFit River Prairie or you’ve been here for a while, there are certain things to consider when working out! CrossFit is not like your everyday globo-gym and we all understand these things to help keep it that way. Below are general gym etiquette tips, please look them over!

Things to think about at the gym:
1. Leave your ego at the door

2. Use chalk as needed but try not to be a chalk monster

3. Wipe down any equipment used

4. Please do not stack our small boxes (they get stuck and it takes 3 grown men and a hammer to release them)

5. Be sure to sign up for class ahead of time & check-in when you get to the gym

6. If you are done working out and other athletes are still going CHEER THEM ON!

7. Be aware of your surroundings. If someone is lifting weights please stay out of his or her bubble. This is for everyone’s safety as well as respecting others.

8. Don’t put equipment away until everyone is done working

9. Cold & Flu season is coming, STAY HOME if you’re sick

10. Have FUN and push yourself! Do the best you can do THAT DAY!

11. Things to not drop on the floor: Empty barbells, barbells that have only 10 lbs weights or less, kettlebells & dumbbells (they have a tendency to bounce)

12. If you see someone you don’t know, introduce yourself!

13. Pick up after yourself! This means throwing trash away (wrappers, gum, empty FitAid), not leaving clothes/shoes in the bathrooms, leaving things how you found them

14. Be sure to enter your scores into SugarWOD! This is a great way to track progress

Thanks for taking the time to read through these and implementing them into your daily life at the gym!

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